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What are the Causes of Dark Spots: 4 Main Factors that Causes Dark Spots on Skin

What Causes Dark Spots

Skin is the most valued personal property. You may buy expensive jewels to enhance the beauty but everything falls less in front of naturally glowing and spotless skin. Skin reflects good health and pleasant debonair and that is why it is extremely required to keep the skin healthy and perfect. Dark spots, sun burns and other spots and scars may not only be very frustrating but it may also consequence into low self esteem and social detachment.

As already referred, to have the most effective and best dark spot remover remedy, it is important at first place to identify the causes, here are some of the main factors that causes dark spots in people irrespective of their skin tone and place they live in.

The Sunny Factor: The sun probably is the biggest factor to stimulate dark spots on the exposed parts of the body such as face, shoulders, back, neck and upper arms. Sun can trigger the production of melanin (substance to make skin dark) in the body parts that are mostly open to the elements of sun cause dark spots. The best dark spot remover remedy could only be the one that can effectively control melanin levels.

The Hormonal Factor: Another big factor to cause dark spots in women can be hormonal imbalance. It is widely observed that women mostly face dark spots or patches after the delivery of a child or after any surgery or prolonged medication involving significant hormonal changes. For so caused dark spots, the best dark spot remover remedy could be the one that can control the hormonal factors to cause the problem.

Age Factor: As you age, you could notice the apparition of dark spots over the skin. It is not very surprising that you have never had any issue of dark spots for entire life but as you age, you began to have some dark spots appearing on face or other body parts.

Acne or Scars: Another very possible cause of dark spots and rashes could be wounds or acne that were not adequately treated or were pricked often; such wounds and acne may leave the affected area to be dark.

Now that you have realized the major causes of occurrence of dark spots, it would be an easy search for best dark spot remover remedy. Make sure that that the remedy you select can adequately control the cause without any harmful side effects.

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