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How to Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles: 10 Eye Care Tips for Preventing Eye Wrinkles

How to Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles

The area around the eye is where the wrinkles make their presence felt first. The skin under the eyes is very delicate and needs careful treatment. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected area. It gets pulled and stretched with a lot of make up slapped on it. When the dark circles and under eye wrinkles begin to appear, you try to mask it by using concealer and foundation.

Applying all this, damages the skin but more than the application, the worst damage is done when the make up is not removed. This neglect shows up in the later years in the form of dark puffy eyes with under eye wrinkles. A little care and attention can work wonders on the delicate skin around eyes and prevent under eye wrinkles, laughter lines and crows feet wrinkles around eyes.

10 Eye Care Tips to Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles

1. When you smudge your mascara, liner or eye shadow under the eyes, remove it gently using eye make up remover, without stretching or pulling the skin under the eyes.

2. Waterproof mascara is touted as the best thing when you want to prevent it from running down your face. But it is also very difficult to remove. It will cause a lot of pulling and stretching the delicate skin while removing it and over time will cause the formation of under eye wrinkles.

3. Avoid using heavily scented soap and facial cleanser that can irritate skin under the eyes. Use a gentle eye make up remover.

4. Use soft cotton pads to remove the make up and keep slices of cucumber or mashed avocados on the eyes to soothe them after that. You can also massage your skin under eyes gently with coconut oil to get rid of under eye wrinkles naturally.

5. Wipe with a gentle downward movement and continue to do so till the make up and grime is completely gone.

6. Use a cream containing botanical oils and anti oxidants to fight under eye wrinkles. Apply this cream only on the eye socket. Ensure that it does not enter the eyes.

7. Drinking plenty of purified water during the day may perhaps be the key to keeping all of the cells hydrated as these cells need steady hydration.

8. Your eyes need sufficient rest after a long day’s work. Sleep for at least 8 hours. Giving rest to your eyes prevents swelling and puffiness, which is one of main reasons for the premature appearance of under eye wrinkles.

9. Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin. Take a diet rich in beta-carotene to avoid under eye wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

10. Begin your morning routine with an eye gel or cream. Gels are best for bags and creams are best for fine lines and wrinkles under eyes. Apply it by tapping it lightly around the eyes till the skin absorbs the gel. The tapping motion will stimulate the blood circulation around the eyes and keep it smooth.

Following a healthy lifestyle will prevent the formation of under eye wrinkles and if you already have them, they will fade away with time. Remember not to hide the damaged under eye skin with make up and concealers as they do more harm than good. The harsh chemicals in the make up make the creases in the skin appear deeper. It is better to follow these tips to prevent under eye wrinkles naturally.

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