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How to Get Rid of Large Pores using Pore Reducing Facial Masks

Get Rid of Large Pores

A pore mask, sometimes known as a facial mask, is a skin care product that especially useful for skin with large pores. Pore reducing facial mask is used to treat and prevent mild acne, clear and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, and absorb facial oil. Pore reducing masks with special additives may also moisturize the skin, reduce discolorations and exfoliate.

Many women (and some lucky men) associate pore masks with luxurious spa retreats. But you do not need to be at a spa, wearing a terrycloth robe with cucumber slices on your eyes to enjoy the benefits of a facial mask (but that sure sound relaxing!). Pore shrinking facial masks are available for purchase at finer beauty salons and at online stores.

Pore Reducing Facial Mask

Classic pore masks are made from clay, usually kaolin. Kaolin has been used by women for many years to clear pores and to maintain a youthful appearance. Basically, kaolin is natural super-absorbing sponge that sucks out all of the oil and detritus on your face. This can minimize the appearance of large pores.

This benefits your face in a number of ways. Firstly, it makes your pores appear smaller. When the dirt is removed large pores are less prominent. The skin will appear firmer and tighter. Also, women with oily skin will benefit as their skin appears healthier. Finally, a pore mask not only helps shrink enlarged pores on skin, they also prevent acne.

These days, many facial masks contain more exotic ingredients in addition to clay. The most common additive is aloe vera to moisturize the skin. This is a nice ingredient, because some women experience dryness of the face after using a kaolin pore mask. While aloe vera is the most common moisturizer present in pore masks, it is certainly not the only one used. Vitamin B5 and vitamin E are two other additives for moistening the skin.

Finally, some facial masks for large pores add even more specialized ingredients—botanical extracts. These plant-derived ingredients can have any number of beneficial properties. Some, such as lemon grass oil and raspberry fruit extract are powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals that may also help reduce enlarged pores. Others, such as L-malic acid, vitamin E and green tea are anti-oxidants that might be able to prevent cellular damage. Amazingly, some, such as mandelic acid and lemon grass oil can even kill acne-causing bacteria.

How to Use a Pore Mask to Reduce Large Pores

This is only a general guide for clear pores. Please follow the specific instructions given by the manufacturer!

(1)  Whenever you try out a new skin care product, always test it out on a small inconspicuous area first. If you are allergic or sensitive to the product you surely do not want your entire face affected!

(2) Gently wash your face with warm water. It is best to do this right after you shower. Your face should be clean, but do not use any harsh soaps or peels. Your skin should be completely bare before applying the mask- no makeup or moisturizers.

(3) Prepare your face for the pore mask by moistening it with warm water or a warm, wet washcloth. Again, it is especially convenient to do this right after showering for this very reason.

(4) Apply the pore minimizing mask as directed in the direction included in the box. Usually you are instructed to apply a thin layer of the clay on your face, taking care to avoid sensitive areas such as the lips and (obviously) eyes. Be careful, you really don’t want that stuff in your eye!

(5) Allow the large pore reducing mask to sit on the skin for the directed length of time. It is important to follow the directions on the box carefully here because each pore mask should be applied for a different length of time. Typically, this is between two and ten minutes.

(6) Notice how the product feels on your skin. Do you feel a drying sensation Do you feel your skin start to tighten? Good, that means the pore shrinking mask is working. Does the product burn, itch or inflict pain? This is not normal; wash off the mask and do not use it again.

(7) After the prescribed time is up, wash off the pore minimizing mask from your face as directed. This is usually accomplished by using a warm washcloth. Be gentle, your skin is in a sensitive state.

(8) Apply a moisturizer if your skin feels dry. Be sure to apply sun block before you go outside (this is good advice for any time!).

(9) Reapply the pore reducing facial mask as directed on the packaging. Of course, it the regimen causes excessive drying, you may want to apply less frequently.

(10) Enjoy your clear pores and beautiful complexion!

Regular pore mask treatments help you get rid of large pores fast. However, women with oily skin and large pores will probably benefit the most. Some may also see a side benefit in acne reductions.

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