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What are the Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemon is one fruit which can be found on regular basis in our home. When we talk of lemon we talk about making cool lemon juice drinks in hot summer days to refresh your mind and body. We all use lemon on daily basis in our kitchen in many ways like for making cool lemon juice drink, lemon on salads and lemon is used in many vegetables recipes to add flavor. Lemon is used for garnishing many foods and drinks. Lemon is the best product to marinating fish and chicken.

Other than kitchen benefits of lemon there are many other health benefits of lemon. We all know and use lemon juice for making cool lemon drink to rejuvenates body and mind on hot day but other than this there are many other health benefits of lemon juice.

Lemon is a citrus fruit and is full of vitamin C, calcium and has many other nutrients value. Being a citrus fruit lemon is helpful for maintaining good health by protecting our body form many infections.

Lemon Juice Health Benefits

Below are various health benefits of lemon juice.

1. Lemon Fight Infections – Lemon helps in making white blood cells which helps in fighting against many infections due to weather or pollution. Person suffering from frequent cold can be benefited from warm lemon juice.

2. Lemon Improve Digestion – Drinking warm lemon juice drink on daily basis helps in improving your digestion system and is very effective in curing several ailments related to digestion system. Daily consumption of warm lemon juice importantly three times a day helps in natural treatment of various digestion diseases like heartburn, acidity and constipation.

3. Taking a glass of warm lemon juice every morning is very good for liver health.

4. Lemon for Skin Care – Lemon is very useful skin care product and it is use widely for curing many skin related diseases. From many years lemon is used to rejuvenate dead skin cells and treating skin infections. Lemon is enrich of vitamin C which itself is important vitamin for better skin.
– Lemon is used to get relief from inflammation and itching resulting from acne and pimples.
– Lemon mix with coconut oil can be applied on hair scalp for cleaning oiling scalps.
– Lemon can be used as an effective hair conditioner, apply lemon directly on hairs and then wash with shampoo will give you smooth hairs.
– Lemon massage on your arms, hands and face helps moisturizing skin by removing skin dryness.

5. Lemon can be used in curing dental related problems like teeth and gum pain. Regular message of lemon extract on teeth and gums helps in relief from pain and removing bad breath problems.

6. Lemon for Throat Infections – Another health benefit of lemon is that it one of the useful and effective remedy for curing throat infections. Lemon in half cup of warm water can be used as gargling to get relief from throat infections and pain from tonsils.

7. Lemon for Weight Loss – Daily consumption of a glass of hot lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey is very good burning extra fat in your body. It is better to drink hot lemon juice in morning as first thing when you just woke up because in morning lemon juice directly interacts with fat cells in your stomach.

8. Lemon juice helps in improving your immune system and gives you immense strength in fighting infections to cure diseases.

9. Rub lemon directly on sun burn skin area, regular use of lemon will remove burn and black skin.

10. Lemon helps in removing body odor and bad skin smells. Drop 1 lemon in your bucket while bathing helps in removing body odor.

Along with above benefits there are many other health benefits of lemon juice. Lemon is used world wide for its natural properties for curing common skin or health related diseases.

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