What is Nummular Eczema?

Nummular Eczema

Nummular eczema is a skin problem which is generally characterized by itchy patches or circular spots on the skin. It is a type of an allergy disorder which is triggered or made worse by certain irritants. Mostly this problem is hereditary. No real cause of this disease is known but people who have a family history of certain allergies and asthma are known to have nummular eczema. This disease is not a common one and mostly occurs in older men.

Nummular eczema can never be treated properly and it always persists in the person who has it but there it certain things that aggravate the situation and make the irritation worse. Among these irritants, the most commonly known are dry skin which may be caused by temperature or climatic changes such as when the weather changes to a cold one or one that person moves to a colder climatic region. It may also be caused by environmental irritants and stress has also been known to a factor of nummular eczema.

The only symptoms of this disease occur on the skin in the form of circular patches of raw or scaly skin. These lesions may start from the feet and slowly and gradually move to upper portions of the body. In this the skin starts to turn crusty and oozes. It is also characterized by itching, growing redness or inflammation of the skin.

Doctors usually determine nummular eczema by looking at your skin and inquiring about your family history of about the diseases such as asthma and allergies. In some cases, a skin biopsy is required to rule out similar conditions.

There is no treatment for nummular eczema, but doctors recommend you to avoid triggers that cause this irritation and other such factors by avoiding certain garment types such as wool, linen and also certain foods. They also tell you not bathe or wash affected area regularly as that results in that area drying which worsens the situation so it is imperative to keep the affected area slightly moist at all times because as soon as it gets dry, it starts to itch and scaling starts on it. If the condition worsens and a person is not cured by merely avoiding triggers then doctors recommend skin ointments that contain tar and certain other chemicals that soothe the skin and prevent it from itching and other symptoms. In extreme cases of nummular eczema, doctors may also give medicine via mouth or injection.

Nummular eczema condition should not be taken lightly and anyone who notices patches of redness, scaling or inflammation on their skin should contact their health care provider or doctor immediately and consult them. There is no real treatment of nummular eczema, so avoid things that trigger it.